Kizzie Novo Perfume

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This is a classic floral scent with jasmine in its heart. It opens up with Rose and Honeysuckle harmonized with a fruity tangerine note. White floral hear note includes Jasmine, Tiare flower and Soft peony. It leaves a velvety trail of Wood and Musk.

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Introducing Kizzie Novo Perfume – Embrace the Timeless Elegance of Floral Bliss

Kizzie Novo Perfume embodies the essence of classic floral fragrances, capturing the pure beauty of nature’s most delicate blossoms. With the enchanting allure of jasmine at its heart, this exquisite scent opens with a symphony of rose and honeysuckle, artfully harmonized with a touch of fruity tangerine to create a captivating initial impression.

The heart of Kizzie Novo Perfume is a luminous bouquet of white florals that dance gracefully around the senses. Majestic jasmine takes center stage, emanating its sweet, heady aroma, while the enchanting tiare flower and soft peony add layers of complexity and charm. This floral symphony entwines to form a mesmerizing melody that captures the essence of timeless femininity.

As the fragrance gracefully unfolds, it leaves in its wake a velvety trail of wood and musk, adding a subtle yet alluring depth to the overall composition. The woody notes infuse a sense of warmth and sophistication, while the musk provides a soft, sensuous allure that lingers on the skin.

Kizzie Novo Perfume is a celebration of elegance and grace, inviting you to indulge in the romance of nature’s finest blooms. Whether you’re stepping into a special occasion or adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday moments, this fragrance is the perfect companion, leaving a trail of beauty and charm wherever you go.

Experience the captivating allure of Kizzie Novo Perfume and immerse yourself in the timeless embrace of classic floral splendor. Rediscover the joy of being enveloped in the delicate petals of jasmine, as this fragrance weaves an enchanting tale of beauty and grace that lingers in the hearts of those who encounter it.

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Kizzie Novo Perfume

2,999.003,999.00 (-25%)

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